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Break free from emotional, psychological and physical distress

Carmen Sánchez Iglesias

Psychologist and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

Psychology, therapy and consulting services in Spanish and English

My mission is to help you create extraordinary, meaningful, and lasting changes in your life and unlock your path to full self-esteem and self-confidence, so you can become the best version of yourself.

… you have low self-esteem and need the approval of others?

Do you have difficulty accepting praise and tend to be a perfectionist?

Are you sensitive to criticism or do you compare yourself to others?
Are you hard on yourself and do you easily criticize yourself?

…. insecure and lacking confidence in your abilities?

Do you underestimate yourself and have a negative view of your own abilities?

Do you procrastinate or stop trying something new or face new challenges because you think you are not capable of doing it well?
Do you have a hard time making decisions?

… accustomed to fast living with stress and at a face pace?

Do you feel irritated and have little energy?
Do you have headaches, muscle tension, digestive problems or sleeping problems? Do you find it hard to concentrate and lack mental clarity?

… disconnected from yourself and others?

Do you have difficulty establishing and maintaining healthy relationships?
Are you afraid of being rejected or abandoned?

Is it difficult for you to identify or express your own emotions?

…find it hard to set healthy boundaries or say NO?

Do you feel overly responsible for the needs and expectations of others, even at the cost of your own needs and well-being?
Do you lack assertiveness and avoid conflictive situations where you have to express your needs?

… stuck or lost?

Are you in a challenging situation or do you feel a lack of clarity about your goals?
Do you overthink things?
Are you afraid of failure, rejection or change?
Do you overexert yourself?

Do you sometimes feel...


My name is Carmen

I am a licensed psychologist and certified Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) practitioner passionate about helping people take a powerful turn in their lives and become the best versions of themselves.

Having lived, studied and worked in the UK, Australia, Spain, France and The Netherlands, and thanks to my online therapy services, I have extensive experience in providing psychological counselling services, therapy, coaching, consulting and training for adults, teenagers and children around the world.

My experience and professional development has grown after more than a decade of work in medical centres, non-profit organizations, national associations, local councils, multinational companies and private practice.


My focus is to free my clients from emotional, psychological and physical pain, through a variety of evidence-based approaches, such as: Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), Energetic Breathwork Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (TCAP), Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

My mission is to achieve deep, effective and permanent transformations. Above all, the style of my therapy and coaching is characterized by being simple, integrative, tailor-made

and with a deep commitment to achieving the well-being of my clients based on the connection and attention to individual needs.


Throughout my career, I have had the honour of being trained by exceptional mentors and I am a personal and professional development enthusiast. I am in a constant process of growth and learning to stay up to date with the latest developments in research. My children also teach me daily to improve myself and always connect with the best version of me.

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Individual psychological consultation

For Adults and Adolescents.

Have you tried everything but still feel trapped in a dynamic that you can't seem to get out of? Do you know that you have hit bottom, that you no longer want to continue feeling that way and are you ready to free yourself from psychological, emotional and physical pain permanently?

Positive parenting for children

My mission is to empower both children and their parents, guide and accompany them so that they continue to grow in a healthy, happy and unlimited way and achieve the objectives that are proposed in their process of change, through positive parenting, therapy of rapid transformation, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

madre con dos hijos

Couples therapy

Our most intimate relationships are the ones in which we spend the most time during our lives and when they do not go well they are the source of great pain and emotional suffering, however, how to make our relationships satisfying is still a great unknown in our society and understanding how is the key to their success.

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Business performance optimization

My mission is to develop and nurture teams and individuals to achieve high performance and reach their maximum potential in a healthy way through adapted services, in English or Spanish, that adjust to the situation, needs and specific objectives of each company.

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"I first met with Carmen in July 2012 following a period of 4 months where I was having unexplained panic attacks. I had also previously been hospitalised on vacation because of these panic attacks and knew I had to address the matter to move forward.

Carmen and I worked together to address my panic attacks. I now know how to manage the stresses and anxiety that come with my busy day-to-day professional life. I have no hesitation in recommending Carmen as a counsellor and hope any future clients experience is as rewarding as mine"

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Charles - Ireland

Panic attacks, stress and anxiety

"After losing a pregnancy and a long-term relationship ending, I felt broken physically, mentally and spiritually. Emotions ruled my life and the pain from my grief was blocking my way to acceptance, moving forward, and healing.

I also felt completely lost, as if I had lost my life compass and didn't know where to go next or how. Meeting Carmen helped me to feel inspired about life again and to focus on my life goals. Carmen expertly taught me and guided me to help me ground myself and to see my situation and the world in a clearer and objective light. She listened to me carefully and adapted her techniques to my personal situation.

Her professional knowledge and warm, open nature helped me feel comfortable to talk about what really matters and confront issues in order to move forward. After just a few sessions with Carmen I gained tools that have not only helped me deal with my loss but have helped me focus on how I can control my thoughts, my emotions and my reality and start living the life I want to live. I highly recommend Carmen as a motivating and inspiring therapist and mindfulness practitioner. She can help you overcome challenges and loss but also focus on how you can live your life in the optimum way for you."

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Astrid - Ireland

Pain and grief

I was looking for ways to better cope with stress and anxiety and even after a couple of sessions with Carmen, I felt calmer and more balanced.

Carmen’s model of therapy is very effective because it has a measurable long-term impact and gives you permanent tools to approach life in a healthier way and find your balance every day, in each small moment. I can honestly say that my sessions with Carmen changed the way that I look at not just my own life and habitually negative thought patterns, but also changed the way that I view the world around me. Therapy has also helped me to be more understanding and accepting of myself and the people I care about in my life. I really think that everyone could stand to benefit from taking the time out to develop a great self-awareness and understanding through therapy sessions with Carmen."

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Mike - USA

Stress, anxiety and psoriasis

"Carmen came into my life just as I was being swallowed up by it. At the time, I was facing a number of difficulties: I was adjusting to a new culture, facing strong dissatisfaction with my work, my living situation, my relationship, and most importantly myself.

When I contacted Carmen, I had a very broken sense of self; I was insecure, lost, and quite frankly, very scared to go on. Furthermore, I lost entire sight of who I was, and what I wanted to be. I was overrun with emotions and barely had the energy to meet with her and speak on these things. It was with Carmen that I developed the courage to make a change. I knew that I had reached a turning point in my life where change was necessary if I wanted to have the life I knew deep down was waiting for me. Carmen provided a safe and compassionate environment for me to confront the circumstances that were ailing me, but more importantly to confront myself. She taught me how to appreciate and nurture my emotional side, and to watch my thoughts- as they could be the most destructive! She created a space where I could learn the valuable tools of acceptance, self-love, forgiveness, and mindfulness, all with a guiding air of compassion, empathy, and humour, which I so greatly appreciated and admired. With her help, I was able to let go of my relationship and improve the space where I both work and live. She also helped me work on my relationship with myself- which in my book, is the most important. Carmen is a wonderful therapist and I would highly recommend her to anybody!

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Jane - USA

Fear, insecurities and deep sadness

I decided to book an appointment with Carmen after suffering from severe back pain for over a year. It was becoming increasingly clear that I was taking out my suffering on my loved ones and i was looking to find an alternative to popping pills as a daily routine in order to control my pain.

Having never visited a Psychologist before I was concerned with keeping the session to specific pain relief strategies and I was weary of delving deep within my own psyche looking for problems that were not there. I'm pleased to say that sessions were a breath of fresh air. Carmen’s approach has had a very real effect on my quality of life. Along with Pilates and Yoga, Carmen's sessions have provided the missing 'holistic" link in me gaining control of my health. It became apparent that the stresses, anxiety, and anticipation of pain were, in fact, a major contributing factor to the pain itself. Now I have been given the tools to calm those emotions I have regained a sense of control and reduced the pain dramatically. I highly recommend both Carmen and her practice."

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Brian - England

Back pain

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Before starting a therapeutic process it is normal to have doubts.
In the following link you will find answers to the frequently asked questions that patients usually ask before starting therapy sessions.
In case they can help you make your decision, click on the link.

Frequent questions


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